If your family is like the average American family, politics are a no-go at the dinner table. And Thanksgiving is no exception.

If you’re like me and you LOVE to pick a fight with other family members, especially over politics, here’s how to go about it on Turkey day.

Have an aunt or an uncle who is a liberal snowflake and loves everyone? This tactic might work the best:

Is one of your siblings a die-hard gun control advocate? Here’s your play:

Or if you’re a cheap ass:

Does your brother believe a woman has a right to choose? This is a clever idea, although it takes quite a bit of patience to pull off:

Have a diehard football-crazed cousin who wants to watch Vikings kick the Lions ass? Try this:

Have any of your family members taken part in the Women’s March? Then this is perfect for them (just watch out for fuzzy threads left behind):

If you really want to upset the progressive in the family – and possibly bring them to tears – here’s what you do:

Although this is sure to shock the liberals at the table:

But the one thing that will melt all the snowflakes fears will have everyone else clapping: