Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook went on Anderson Cooper’s show on Friday to discuss a number of issues, including what occurred during the 2016 election.

Of course, Mook took Cooper’s questions and attempted to spin it in the dumbest way possible. Instead of answering the questions about Russia dossier or campaign dealings, Mook tried spinning the discussion to talk about what Democrats should be focusing on instead of the previous presidential election.

Cooper asked Mook about Donna Brazile and her connection to the Clinton campaign.

“Anderson, I’m just not interested in these things that are in the past,” Mook replied. “We have to move beyond 2016. We have a governor’s election less than a week away in Virgina. We’ve got critical midterm elections. And this tax plan the Republicans are proposing is outrageous. That’s the fight. That’s where we need to be as Democrats.”

Some Democrats LOVED what Mook said.

Others weren’t so thrilled.

Then there were those who had to point out the obvious.

Conclusion? It really sucks to suck.