Everyone’s favorite liberals are at it again. The View’s Joy Behar appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Apparently Behar and Maher both think that Democrats are too nice.

“They [Democrats] don’t go for the jugular,” Maher said, slamming his fist on his desk. “You don’t go for that. When they [Republicans] go low, we go high.”

“When they go low, we should go lower,” Behar replied.

Apparently, Democrats sing kumbaya, at least according these two morons.

The most shocking part? Other idiotic Democrats AGREED with them!

Apparently, we all need to be brainwashed.

At least they chose a meme with the right “you’re.”

Another thing we have to worry about: one of these two running in 2020. Talk about a facepalm.

You hear that? Anyone who supports Trump is “low” and “ignorant.”

But then there were those with a bit of common sense…

Even foreigners are sickened by Americans. Can’t blame them there.

I’m sensing a bit of snark there.

Right there with you, buddy.

OUCH. That’s gotta hurt.