Starbucks CEO made an announcement: the company will be hiring 10,000 refugees in retaliation for President Trump’s executive order and travel ban. Conservatives are now boycotting Starbucks.


Couldn’t agree more!

More than likely…

Remember, corporations are evil…until they’re liberal corporations.

Liberals weren’t happy with the #BoycottStarbucks tweets so, of course, some snowflakes had to throw their two cents in.

The hypocrisy is strong.

Can someone explain to her that buying a cup of coffee won’t end racism?

Someone get this nasty woman a shot…of reality!

GASP! You mean they aren’t doing it because they care about social issues?! You don’t say!

Because real love and meaningful change starts with a cup of $5 coffee?

Want jobs for Americans? You must be a racist.

How can anyone take this statement seriously when your handle is @PunchesNazis? Come on.