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For those of you who are freelancers or independent contractors, you know how hard the Biden administration has been working to destroy us. They started out with a little bill called the Pro-Act and they could not get it passed so they have tried to undermine us with a 'rule' the Department of Labor recently published.

The administration and supporters of the rule like to pretend it is to 'protect' workers. What it REALLY is is California's AB5 on steroids and if it remains, it is going to hurt the economy and people like myself FAST. It is a way to try and force people into regular W2 jobs and a workaround to prop up unions.

I am not against unions, my father was in one and is retiring nicely, HOWEVER, they should be optional and not forced. I can go on for hours about why people like myself choose to be independent contractors. The statistics show a HUGE number of women, mothers, disabled, and caregivers choose it for flexibility and control over their own hours and prices. Most of us could get a regular W2 job yesterday if we wanted that. We simply do not want it.

Now that we have that out of the way, let us move to this INSANE post by the Department of Labor.

They really think people are not paying attention, and some may not be. YET. The Left loves to pander to people and pretend to be all for them and on their side, but please tell us how it is on the side of a MOM if you are going to try and force her into a job where she has to worry about being fired when she wants to be at a recital or a game or a PTA meeting?

The new rule that went into effect back in March is still facing some battles. There are court cases already in place as well as the fact the House Committee on Education & the Workforce passed a proposal to appeal the rule, but it has not yet been brought before the full house for a vote.

Here is a link to the full rule.

I am so tired of the Left pretending they are helping and KNOWING they are hurting people. They like to act like the consequences are accidental and not foreseen, but AB5 in California showed them it is NOT a good plan. They have seen the consequences and DO NOT CARE.

I will end with a little note to the Biden Administration and particularly the Department of Labor:


Dear Biden DOL and Union Fanatics - 

If you have to force people by law to be in miserable jobs you ARE the villains in the story, stop pretending to be the heroes.

Sincerely -

A happy Independent contractor who makes my own hours and is heading out early on a Friday BECAUSE I CAN.




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