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UPDATE: Footage from the Boebert Beetlejuice performance has arisen and shows her participating in groping and not just being loud or obnoxious in the theater. At the time this piece was originally written the behavior was just being portrayed as her being loud, recording the show, and vaping. 

Given the new information and footage, my opinion of the original piece has changed. While I still hope the Right can let some small stuff go without piling on and tag-teaming with the Left, I am fine with people saying that the overt sexual behavior in a theater where others could see has to be acknowledged and called out.  

I will add that if we are upset about simulated sex via drag queens in spaces where children may be present we have to also be upset about actual sex acts in a public theater where children may have been able to see it even if it is by someone on our side. 



Earlier today I wrote a story about Lauren Boebert acting a little wild and crazy at a Beetlejuice musical and it made me realize how much ground the Right just hands over to the Left without a fight. 

I am in no way proposing we should act like a bunch of hypocrites and never hold any principles. I am just saying one thing the Left does very well is protect their own. They have some complete lunatics on their side and a lot of Democrats must want to call them out and call them crazy on a daily basis, but they do not. Not only do they NOT call them out, but many of their ranks will rally around them and protect them, even if the person has done something egregious. 

When the story broke that Boebert had been acting wild, being loud, vaping, and allegedly recording the Beetlejuice musical, X (Twitter) had comments coming out of the woodwork from the Left AND the Right saying it was trashy. I am proposing that even if you do think it is trashy, we not add on to what the Left is already doing. I am not proposing we rally around her and pretend it was AWESOME and call everyone racist and sexist for not loving her even though the Left WOULD do that. I am just saying maybe on some of the small stuff we just lay low and not say much about it at all unless there is a good joke to be made, then you know we HAVE to say something because those are the rules. 

Democrats LOVE it when there is a scandal from the Republicans and one of the reasons is they know there will be at least a few Republicans who join the Democrats to bring hell down upon the heads of any who dare to not live up to the supposed 'standards' of politicians. 

First of all, if it were not for double standards the Left would have NO standards at all. They are currently dealing with a woman running for office who did porn for money and do you know how they handled it? They are quiet OR they go the extra mile and say it is fine and anyone talking about it is wrong for involving themselves in her personal life. Secondly, politicians are a mess, we should never expect too much out of any of them. A politician who is also a genuinely good human being is a rare thing so maybe we can just get the idea out of our heads that they are going to fulfill some kind of placeholder of morality and elect them to just do what they are supposed to do and for conservatives that should mean not letting them spend like crazy, keeping down the role of government in our personal lives, and helping secure the border. 

Again, I am not saying let us all pretend we no longer care about morals because laws are based on somebody’s morality and I prefer it to be my own rather than somebody who thinks it is ok to kill a child in the womb just because the child can't say no. I am saying when it comes to the easy stuff that does not really matter, like Boebert behaving like Beetlejuice while watching Beetlejuice, just let it go, don't pile on. You don't have to defend her, it seems she was rather obnoxious, but we don't have to beat the drum with the Left and say she can't do her job or pretend that her being rude makes her incapable of defending the 2nd Amendment or limiting government spending. 

So let's move forward with our morals and principles in place but also realize there are some things that we need to do better and that is protecting politicians on our own side of the aisle and not joining in Leftist witch hunts just for the sake of saying we hold a moral high ground. Sometimes it is just fine to be a little rude.  As for the Left trying to pretend they have a leg to stand on in the moral principles war, I can only say what any good Southern woman would say when presented with insanity:

Bless their hearts. 
~ Angie 

If you are not already please follow me on X @Artist_Angie for more polite southern put-downs. ;) 


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