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Rep. Becca Balint gets FLAMED for saying children shouldn't be a focus in gender ideology convos

Vermont Representative Becca Balint is not really a Twitchy regular. She seems pretty kooky so we are not sure how she has managed to fly under the radar.

Tuesday evening Balint took to Twitter with a clip claiming children should not be a part of the gender ideology conversations and also that people are trying to bring them into every meeting she is in, including budget meetings. The FLAMING REBUTTALS she received were GLORIOUS.


Look, there is GREAT EMPATHY for people who feel like they are in the wrong body, we can not imagine how painful and confusing that is, but CHILDREN are not equipped to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives and what they all call gender-affirming care should be put off until after puberty and into adulthood when they can make the best choices for themselves.

He got his wish. At the time of writing this piece, the number of comments and QTs were both outpacing the RTs and likes.

FACTS. Maybe if some were not pushing so hard to make it impossible for kids to have some time to learn the consequences of some of the things they call ‘CARE’ people would not be bringing it up.


Many EU countries are stepping back and examining care for trans kids. We are not claiming EU countries always know best, but the Left usually tries to tell us we should be more like the EU so why not start with this subject?

We agree. An adult making decisions to permanently alter their body is one thing, children can not possibly make those decisions.

Oddly we think she does. Leftists think they have a WINNING argument and they are the ones PROTECTING kids with ‘affirming care’.

She should but she won’t.

Leftists are never ashamed and never admit when they are wrong.


Again, Balint thinks she is the one standing up for children.

Balint does believe what she is saying. We are not sure how the Left decided that upside down is right side up but they push it down our throats at every turn and will continue to do so until something awful happens.

Once their experiments on children show consequences it will be too late and then they will try to cover it up and change positions, just like they did with ‘DEFUDN THE POLICE’.


Balint is just one of the many who repeatedly defend the transition of children. We do not know why it is so important to them. Let a kid dress how they wish, let them cut their hair or grow their hair, wear makeup or not, but let them save life-altering decisions like hormones and surgeries for a time when they can fully understand the consequences.


Keep up the insanity Becca Balint, we will be watching and waiting for your next SMACKDOWN.




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