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Chicago is MAGA country! Lori Lightfoot blames loss on racism & gender and we can't stop laughing.

Lori Lightfoot will NOT be mayor of Chicago. She came in 3rd place and is blaming her loss on racism and gender.

We are not sure if she is aware, but she WAS the mayor. She WON the previous election. Did the voters just become racist misogynists and were just pretending last time? That has to be it. Chicago has officially become MAGA country.


We volunteer as tribute. Really, we just want to see one person tell her that she was the mayor and ask how the racists overtook the election this time.

We are not the only people who wanted to point out the fact that she did indeed win over those same voters in the past.

The racists were just giving her a shot, you know, so they could say how bad she was or something.

Her job performance had no impact on the race whatsoever. *insert eye roll*


That too. She just forgot to mention a few things like climate change, homophobia, and ‘the Karens’ who did not like her dancing.

Indeed. Look up: bastion of conservative politics and it has a photo of Chicago … LOL

HA! That one made us cackle. Many apologies to Jussie, we had no idea Chicago was indeed MAGA country.
Selfishly, we hope to see Lori Lightfoot show up in politics again, simply because she offers us fabulous material.


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