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If Kirk Cameron dressed in drag could he have story hour?

Kirk Cameron has a new children’s book out and he wanted to read it to children in public libraries for a story hour and was denied. Cameron stated that he reached out to more than 50 libraries and was denied the option to do story hour by all of them. Many of the libraries that denied Cameron offer LGBTQ-friendly groups and options. The blowback on Twitter was interesting.



While this editor is not sure we need the sad emoji for this story, we can use the sad emoji for plenty of things on Twitter, for example, the fact that Democrats control the Senate…

The idea if Kirk decided to read his book in drag he would have been allowed was a pretty popular one.


One of the library replies was: “Because of how diverse our community is, I don’t know how many people you would get.”
So, we agree, they probably do not understand the definition of diverse.

This one just made us cackle because a David French dig is always welcome on Twitchy.

We included this one because this user seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between private companies and publicly funded Libraries. The baker and web designer cases are about if a person can be compelled to use their custom artistic talents to support something against their religion. This is a case of publically funded libraries denying a person access to something our tax dollars pay for while they do allow access to those services to other groups. Granted the other groups may not identify as a religion but LGBTQ culture often is a religious-like cult when it comes to the left.

There were a lot of people stating because it was publicly funded that they could not endorse a particular faith. They would only be endorsing Camerons’ faith if they denied a Muslim or other faith-based author to have story time. There is no evidence they would be doing that.  While this editor has been to a drag show (and loved it) we do not support the idea drag culture should be taught to children, but if drag culture IS being taught to children, a kind faith-based book that teaches good manners and love of family should also be an option. The parents can decide if they want their children to listen to the story hour.


It is hard to even be a normal person in this world anymore. You are not allowed to be loving and accepting of LGBTQ people and want to draw lines about what children are exposed to and at what ages. We are kind of tired of it.

Modern politics does ruin everything. :/


Editor’s Note:

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