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Kari Lake gives Master Class on media management and it is PERFECTION

Twitchy readers know the media loves to pull out the ‘gotcha’ questions on GOP candidates, and this recent response from Kari Lake on the abortion trap was PERFECTION. She showed the media bias and turned the question on its head within seconds.



Please do that. The left along with its willing accomplices in the media love to pretend that being pro-life is so extreme but they never blink an eye at the stance of many, like  Katie Hobbs, who supports allowing a child who survives a botched abortion to die. Yes, you read that correctly. Have you EVER heard anyone on the left confronted with those beliefs? We have not.

We love that she is not trying to tiptoe over the subject. She just states clearly what she believes and then asks them to ask her opponent the same type of questions.


Kari Lake and Ron DeSantis should team up for GOP workshops on how to handle the media. Better yet, maybe they can team up for a Presidential ticket in 2024? That would be a no-nonsense ticket!

YES! We love it. Standing up, not shrinking back, or even accepting the premise that being pro-life should be something we should be ashamed of.


We do not blame Katie Hobbs for not wanting to debate Kari Lake either, but the thing is, it is a race to be GOVERNOR of a state, and if she cannot defend her ideas as Kari Lake has proven she can defend hers, maybe she should not be the governor of Arizona. Being governor means you will have to defend your citizens and what you believe to be their best interests, if you can’t even defend your idea on abortion, maybe that would not be the right job for you. *shrugs*

Keep fighting Kari Lake and DEBATE HER Katie Dobbs!

Editor’s Note:

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