North Carolina’s Republican supermajority recently passed a ‘School Choice’ bill that was VETOED by Governor Roy Cooper and they have enough votes to bypass his VETO. Cooper was not happy about that and he is now calling for a state of emergency.

YES, you read that right, and it is very wrong.

NORTH CAROLINA: Our School choice story
NC voters: COVID SUCKED, we will elect a lot of Republicans to put the Governor in check.
Governor Cooper: NOPE! I loved the COVID authority, let me call a state of emergency over school choice!
Ok, so that little skit sucked, but it made the point and we bet it made you laugh. 🙂

Oh yes, we are all shocked. We just can not believe it. A Democrat being an absolute hypocrite? NEVER!


How sad is that? The very institutions that are supposed to help kids are continually fighting against them getting out of BAD school systems.

Governor Cooper is not a stand-out politician, but this action is beyond stupid. We think he is trying to get around all of the traditional reasons for calling states of emergency by stating it is a state of emergency FOR public education and not saying the state is in a state of emergency as a whole. Below is a screenshot from Cooper’s website.

Cooper Website Emergency

The tweet above was another one that called out Cooper as a hypocrite and it also got a lot of responses.

You would think Democrats would be happy parents are getting involved and want better education for their kids but apparently, they just like to give lip service to issues and not actually fix them.

SNORT! It is NOT how any of it works but we have never seen a gif reply that fit so well!

That is a fantastic point about a story that nobody covers. Robeson County, NC is STILL recovering after Hurricane Matthew hit in 2016 and destroyed much of the area.

We DO remember and we said that along with you all. While we think Cooper is just playing semantic games on this one, it will not be long before some Leftist tries it for real.

That is a fair point. As we said, this one is Cooper playing semantics games, but the Left will take notes and it will happen from some super Lefty governor that thinks they can get away with it very soon.

This tweet hits hard. It seems to be more and more clear each day that the Left does not want anything to do with sharing or cooperation. They want it their way or no way and they have no trouble doing insane things to ensure it happens.

We just have to call it out every single time they do it. Yell at the top of your lungs anywhere anybody will listen, or even if they do not listen. Roy Cooper and those like him will never rest when it comes to pushing their own agendas and neither should we.



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