Keith Olbermann is at it again. By at it, we mean acting unhinged and pretending it is logical behavior.

He says Disney World should leave Florida and rebuild in the Carolinas or Puerto Rico. That would show Ron DeSantis!

Normally we would laugh and move on, but Olbermann legitimately thinks this is a good idea. Twitter made sure to let him know he is a nutter. Thank you, Twitter!

*insert any shaking my head gif here*
The dude is unhinged.

We can’t either! The thing is, it is not just a park, they have the infrastructure, they have trained staff, and so much more than just a couple of rides and some memorabilia, but Keith can not be bothered with those details.

Facts. No offense to Disney but if some of their latest movies were even half as funny, it would be box office gold.

His head seems super easy to navigate because it is empty. 🙂


This lesson was actually a very hard one to learn as we entered adulthood. We had a feeling when we were kids that not all adults had it together, but as we got older and realized it was the MAJORITY, it kind of freaked us out. Now we are old and laugh at stupid people of all ages.

Exactly! The Carolinas have a winter, but the dumber part of the idea is that Puerto Rico is even mentioned. Puerto Rico is not easily accessible and the electric part of the equation would destroy Disney.

Keith is not the brightest bulb. He is a loud one, but not a bright one.

HA! We have to admit, watching Disney attempt this would be hilarious.

OK well, he does not disappoint us in how insane he can be, but in general, as a human, he is kind of a disappointment.

Narrator: He did indeed look like a raging lunatic.

So there you have it a nice little summary of the insanity of Olbermann’s proposal. It is literally unhinged.

Keep being you, Keith. Living in a fantasy world as you do, all of your dreams can come true!


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