Tristan Snell, whose bio says he is a lawyer and his blue-check says it is because he is notable, decided he would go full ‘Fauci Cult’ on Twitter, and we are not sure what he was expecting, but we doubt it went as planned.

Yeah … no.

We did too. We have had it a few times since then as well. It is no walk in the park, but our survival was definitely not because of Dr. Fauci.

Many people went that route, and they are indeed still living. How can that be?

If lockdowns and the Fauci Cult taught us anything, it was how fast people will allow the government to take away our liberties in order to feel safe. It was one of the scariest parts of COVID, the willingness of so many to give up so much.

NICE! Seriously though, COVID lockdowns caused a lot of other issues that people did not want to discuss at the time, and sobriety was really hard when you were being isolated or removed from the stabilizing routine that was helping keep you sober.

The Fauci Cult was real then and apparently lives on now. Gladly, we are not a part of it and if you are reading this, most likely you are not either. Welcome to the liberty-minded side of the internet!

We are not sure what parts of Wuhan Fauci was involved in but his extreme dislike for being questioned about any of it by Senator Rand Paul makes us think he might know a bit more than he admits. Either way, we are positive that he was NOT the single driving force in saving most of our lives.

Yes, we are.  Laughing but also a bit sad that anyone looking at the destruction that was caused by the COVID policies, particularly in school-age children can possibly still think that some of those measures were a worthy cause, and not just worthy, but PRAISE worthy.

Keep fighting for liberty, keep your eyes open and never let people bully you into closing your businesses or losing your livelihoods again.


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