Twitchy readers know Gov. Ron DeSantis is a rockstar in conservative circles, and it looks like he’s made another big move in the illegal immigration debate. According to, he sent 2 planes of illegal immigrants to … **insert drumroll**  MARTHA’S VINEYARD!

That is basically Obama’s backyard.

This is our impressed face. He really did that!

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Some people loved it, others did not.

Why is DeSantis cruel for gifting illegal immigrants a free plane ride to a Sanctuary City that wants to WELCOME them and how is it human trafficking, when they go freely? We can’t figure that out. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying that someone can’t have that opinion, we are just saying that the opinion is wrong. 🙂

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How did Russia get into this conversation? Oh, we forgot. So many on the left are obsessed with Russia, but despite that odd Russian insertion, somebody did have a few questions for the assertion.

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Yes, there were a lot of haters, but most people seemed overjoyed with DeSantis’s actions.

A map to Obama’s house was a popular sentiment and we hope it happened!  Obama began the entire open border scheme, to begin with. Biden is just carrying on with his plan.

Wild is a good description, although we prefer AWESOME, and many more people agreed.

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Christina Pushaw, the rapid response director for the Governor, and a total rockstar in her own right stepped in and made some points of her own. She was on point as usual.


In the timeless words of The Mandalorian: This is the way.

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We hope DeSantis keeps giving the left what they ask for. If Democrat Run cities want to be called ‘Sanctuary Cities’, send the crisis to them. It is wrong for border states to be the only ones to carry that burden. Gov. DeSantis is paving the way forward on this and many other issues, and WE LOVE IT!


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