Apparently it’s not just Chris Brown who has a violent streak. His fans have been tweeting violent rhetoric so frequently that the girlfriend-beating, Grammy-winning rapper is urging his online fans, known as Team Breezy, to not send out death threats. Brown claims that death threats “further the pointless existence” of his detractors. Somehow.!/chrisbrown/status/205022070520815616

In 2009, Brown reportedly told his then-girlfriend Rihanna “You just did the stupidest thing ever. Now I’m really going to kill you” after she called her assistant for help following a threat by Brown.

Here are some of the greatest hits from #TeamBreezy.!/xCourtney__/status/205025951569031169!/_javaBEAUTY/status/205064583067598848!/PINK__xs/status/204622592936640512!/SarahKouzaiha/status/204547147134287873!/MyGhettoElectro/status/204374820589281281!/DarrylBreezy/status/205040940979720193

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