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Rebekah Jones: Israeli Captives Held By Hamas Were 'Fed and Healthy'


There have been a lot of terrible anti-Israel takes since the news broke yesterday that the IDF has successfully rescued four of the hostages taken by Hamas in the vile and unprovoked October 7th attack. This one by COVID 'whistleblower' Rebekah Jones, though, really takes the cake:


For context, here's the post she's replying to:

Leaving aside the original poster's assertion that he would be okay with remaining a hostage (which, quite frankly, we don't believe for a minute), what on earth is this woman thinking? The captives were 'fed and healthy', so it's all good that they were held for months under what were very likely horrific conditions?

This is either willful ignorance or sheer stupidity on Jones' part, and we're leaning towards the former (though certainly not ruling out the latter).

X users were quick to take her task:

That certainly seems to be the message she's trying to convey.


Great point. We've been told repeatedly that there's no food in Gaza, so how is it that these hostages were fed?

Another great point. And, no, we don't think she hears herself at all, nor do we think she cares.

If she is, we must have missed it.

Brutal, but well-deserved. We're not sure why Jones feels the need to cheerlead for Hamas, but whatever the reason, her take on the situation is shameful.

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