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WATCH: Unhinged Pro-Abort Reacts to Peaceful Pro-Life Activist With Unprovoked Profanity and Violence

We're going to tell you right up front that this video contains not very family-friendly (and not safe for work) language.


We can't speak for anyone else, but it would never in a million years cross our minds to haul off and get physical with a stranger like that.

Especially not in front of a child.

We feel sorry for her daughter for a lot of reasons. If this woman is willing to physically attack someone in the defense of murdering the unborn, we can only imagine what she's teaching this poor girl at home.

Yes, it's quite persuasive. We're sure lots of folks will come around to her point of view after this unhinged display.


It's a good question, and one we're sure a lot of people would love the answer to.

Maybe it's because abortion is murder, and deep down they know it, but they don't want to face that reality and so they lash out at anyone trying to help them acknowledge that truth.

Well, when you put it like that...no, we're not surprised at all.

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