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Sci-Fi Author Patrick Tomlinson Pens Biggest Piece of Fiction EVER, Blaming Media for Biden's Problems


If you've never heard of sci-fi author Patrick S. Tomlinson, don't feel bad. We hadn't really, either. He's popped up on Twitchy a few times over the years, usually with a steaming hot take that gets him absolutely destroyed.


This is no different. This thread is a work of fiction from start to bottom.

This administration has been 'focused, successful, and free of scandal'? 


What planet is Patrick living on?

'Quiet competence.'

Please, stop. Our ribs hurt from laughing.


Yes, that's it. They long for Trump's 'death and chaos'.

Except we all lived through Trump's last term, and it wasn't 'death and chaos' (with the added bonus we could afford gas and groceries).

Remember -- Patrick was fine with the media ignoring Biden's obvious cognitive decline for years. 

He's mad they're actually being dispassionate observers and reporters of the news now.

These rants -- just like Joy Reid's yesterday -- always end with the Left fantasizing about people being shot. Speaks volumes about their mindset, no?

The sad part is that, while Patrick locked down replies, a lot of the quotes seem to agree with him.


Let us repeat this: they're mad the media are actually doing their jobs now and reporting on Biden's cognitive condition. They didn't whine about the media not being 'honest brokers of truth' for the last four years, or ever, really. Just when it hurts their guy.

It's the same mentality that made them go crazy when Elon Musk bought Twitter -- they think they can only have a stranglehold on media, and when someone defies them, they lose their minds.

Totally normal and not at all deranged.

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