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WATCH: Defenders of Democracy Reveal Their True Colors, Argue Against Laws Protecting YOUR Right to Vote


This is really a sight to behold. Democrats are arguing, with sincerity, that it's wrong to limit voting to American citizens only.

Realize where we are. Realize the Democratic Party despises you and our laws and will undermine them at any turn.


This is not a 'Jim Crow poll tax' by any stretch of the imagination.

McClellan was not alone.

No other nation in the world would argue or allow non-citizens to vote in elections. Those nations, somehow, are not xenophobic. Just America.

This is not discriminatory.

No, what's anti-democratic is letting illegal immigrants vote.


Sure, Jeffries. Whatever you say.

This is pure projection.

But at least they're open and honest about it, and if the GOP is smart, these will be campaign ads played nonstop between now and November.

They sure do.

They really do.

They sure are.

It really is amazing, and everyone should see what Democrat reps in Congress support.


It's all they've got.

That sums it up nicely.

We long for the days when Democrats were telling us no one was above the law.

Whatever happened to that?

The Left doesn't want free and fair elections, and they certainly don't want democracy.

They might lose.

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