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ABLEISM: Professor's Story Shows How UNGLUED Biden Supporters Have Become


We usually take posts like this with a grain of salt, but given the media environment and the way the Democratic Party is circling the wagons around Biden, we're willing to believe this happened.


In fact, we're kind of surprised Vox or The New York Times hasn't run an op-ed arguing the same thing.

We all know how the Left LOVES to use their '-isms': racism, sexism, ableism. It's second only to screaming 'phobia!' at their political opponents.

He sure does.

A 10 am to 4 pm schedule with naps in between.

As we said, we're just surprised the media didn't jump on the ableist train first.

People might die, but at least they died for wokeness.

It's a minimum requirement for the job.


We'd also bet you $5 the same lady screaming ableism about Biden wouldn't say the same thing about Trump.

Would not surprise us.

And these people are 1) stupid and 2) dangerous.

It really is.

How dare we expect the president to function at 3 am if things go sideways in America or across the globe.

We're truly awful people.

Peak DEI.


Your terms are acceptable.

The Left really thinks that's how the world works.

It doesn't.

So many '-isms'. Too many to keep track of. By design.

A good reason.


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