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Odious Worm Fauci Says He's Confident Biden Can Remain President (When Has He Ever Steered Us Wrong?)

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

Does anyone trust Anthony Fauci on, well, anything these days?

We mean, if the guy said the sky was blue, we'd go outside to look for ourselves. He lied about social distancing. He liked about masks. He lied about gain of function research and the origins of the COVID pandemic.


So why should we believe him as he tries to suck up to the Biden campaign?

Especially since he said the cold medicine could've caused Biden's debate struggles (even after KJP said Biden didn't take cold medicine). You'd think if they were going to lie and gaslight, they'd at least get the stories straight. He also said we can't judge Biden on a 90 minute clip (ignoring the years of interviews, teleprompter gaffes, and video evidence that Biden's not okay).

Anyway, Fauci -- like the Democratic governors -- is all in on Biden.

More from The Hill:

Former White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said in a new interview he has “no doubt” President Biden is mentally capable of serving as president, amid growing concern among Democrats about the president’s standing as the party’s presumptive nominee.

“In my interactions with him, I have no doubt,” Fauci said about Biden, when asked on the CBS News podcast “The Takeout” with Major Garrett if he has any concerns about the president’s “vigor and mental capability” to continue in office.


We don't believe Fauci. And neither should you.

They should be.

ALL the way down.

Given Fauci's track record, this should be the kiss of death for a campaign.

Trump should've fired Fauci way back in 2020.

TOTALLY reassured.

Oh, we understand.

Trust the science. Or something.


We're fine with that.

Remember that, too?

He's totally honest and forthright.


If Fauci had his way, we'd all still be wearing masks and locked down.

Totally awesome.


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