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After Months of Gaslighting on the Economy, Biden FINALLY Has a Plan to Tackle Grocery Prices

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

'The economy is fine!' 

'Wages are up!'

'Inflation is down!'

If all of those things sound familiar, it's because that's what the Biden administration has been telling us for years. They bragged about saving you a whopping 16 cents on your Fourth of July dinner a couple of years ago and bragged about cheaper Thanksgiving dinners, too.


Now -- four months from the election -- Biden finally admits grocery prices are still too high. This is something 99.9% of Americans could've told you, and something that pops up as a major concern in polling.

And here's Biden's plan to 'fix' this problem:

Got that?

Sue businesses for price gouging.

Bully grocery stores into lowering prices.

Spend more money on food stamps (which will make prices go up as demand goes up).


The problem is not price gouging or greedy corporations. It's the government policies that have spent excessive amounts of money after throwing a wrench in the supply chain thanks to COVID lockdowns.

Nah. He won't do that.


To a Democrat, the answer is always more government. More spending.

And when he starts cracking down on 'price gouging', supplies will be constricted.

This is fine!

Best economy ever, Jack!

Correct on both points.

As if he had a hand in that.

But he'll take credit for it.

All of this.


But making things worse is a better option.

Excellent question. If it's per year, that's $166.67 a month. Barely a drop in the bucket for a family of four. 

The involvement of state AGs tells us he's not asking nicely.

That's a threat.


They did it on purpose to undermine his presidency. Or something.

This is all correct.

Nailed it.


So hard to tell.

At this point, it almost feels like they're setting the house on fire as they walk out the door to make things harder for the next administration.

Trying so hard to find who did this.

Weird, huh?


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