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She Actually Did It! KJP Brags (With Charts) About How Much Biden Saved You on Thanksgiving Dinner

Screenshotted meme

The tone-deafness and shamelessness from the Biden White House continues apace. 

You probably remember the 2021 White House claim about how much they saved American families on their 4th of July barbecue. How did YOU spend your extra .16 cents that year?


Today White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre had something even more laughable. 

KJP served up a heaping helping of gaslighting that's sure to insult the intelligence of, well, almost everybody: 


The economic weather sure seems nicer inside the White House's bubble of delusion.

Does the White House press office ask themselves how to address Biden's low approval on the economy (and everything else) and actually conclude the answer should be "lie about bringing costs down and hope nobody has been to the grocery store in over two years"?

Bidenomics, baby!


As the saying goes, you can lie to people about a lot of things, but not about how much money they have.

Since Biden believes he saved you all that money on your Thanksgiving dinner, he'll be having a nice long weekend himself:

At least things are going fine for the Big Guy and his cronies. 


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