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Trump's Proposal on Tax-Free Tips Is Good Policy and Good Politics

AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson

In one of the most interesting campaign developments of this election cycle, Donald Trump has voiced a policy program that would abolish taxes on tips.

He did this, in true Trump fashion, after leaving a $500 tip at a Philly cheesesteak joint.


There are criticisms of this, from the Right and the Left. The Right because it seems some are mad (as in 2016) that Trump is the nominee again. I've told you before about my opposition to Trump in 2016, and my acceptance of not only his presidency but the fact that I voted for him in 2020 and will do so again in November.

Not because I agree with everything he says or does, and not because I think he's the savior of the republic.

He's not Biden.

And I know with certainty if those on the Right who don't like this policy heard it come from their preferred politician, they would be in support of it.

But because it came from Trump, it's automatically bad.

Biden's policies have been disastrous for America and Americans, especially the lower- and middle-income Americans who are struggling under the weight of inflation, a lackluster employment sector, and facing increased taxes as Trump-era tax breaks are due to sunset.

So this policy position Trump has taken is good policy and good politics.

It speaks directly to a segment of voters -- young men and women -- who aren't necessarily a GOP voting bloc. It acknowledges the inherent unfairness of the income tax system.

I've seen it said that this is an 'unfair' policy that rewards servers to the detriment of cooks and other back-of-house staff. It's been my experience that tips are often shared with the entire restaurant staff -- cooks, waitstaff, etc. so no one is getting cheated on tips.

Will this sway a significant segment of voters? Perhaps not. But it can't hurt to try.

What have Biden and the Democratic Party offered these voters?

All they do is gaslight us on the economy. They tell us it's fine, and we're just too stupid to acknowledge it. They dismiss our concerns and look down their noses at us -- safe in their liberal enclaves where inflation doesn't impact them.

When they're not gaslighting us on the economy, they're passing minimum wage laws that destroy the service industry and lead to mass layoffs, reduced hours, and increased cost of living.

And when they're not doing those things, they're passing laws that look at $600 Venmo transactions to make sure you paid your fair share of taxes.

Gee, I thought paying a 'fair share' of taxes was only meant for the rich. But I digress.

The Biden administration -- along with Democratic staffers -- have been very blatant in saying Biden's policy of student loan forgiveness is merely an elaborate vote-buying scheme. A bribe paid to wealthy degree holders by the majority of Americans who either didn't go to college or paid off their loans like responsible adults.

He's done this in defiance of the Supreme Court and laws.

But he doesn't care, and neither does the Democratic Party.

Trump, on the other hand, puts forth a policy that does not require taxpayers to foot the bill, keeps money in the hands of the wage earners, and attempts to make inroads with a demographic who would not normally vote for the Republican on the ticket.

It's a policy we should praise and support, regardless of our other feelings for Trump.



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