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Lesbian Couple Kicked Out of CA Restaurant, Stalked for Confronting 'Trans Woman' in Ladies Restroom

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Women deserve private spaces, separate from men -- including men who 'identify' as women. This isn't a controversial statement, or at least it wasn't until the last year or two, when trans activists decided men had a 'right' to women's spaces (and sports and residences) if they simply felt like a woman.


Remember when the same Left said all men were toxic and potential rapists? We remember. Wonder what happened to that?

Anyway, a lesbian couple in that bastion of progressive politics known as California, found a man in the bathroom of the Angel City Brewery and -- rightly so -- kicked him out.

This started a chain of events that not only saw a video of the incident go viral, but allegations a cyberstalker started abusing the couple.

More from ThePublica:

A lesbian couple in California is expressing concern for their safety after a viral TikTok video showed them being removed from a family-friendly brewery for questioning the presence of a male in the women’s restroom. Alexis, whose last name is being withheld, said she and her partner are now being pursued by internet stalkers attempting to bring harm to her family.

Alexis says their ordeal began on Father’s Day after she and her family went to a brewery following a Dodger’s game in Los Angeles. After researching local options, they opted for Angel City Brewery, a popular spot in the arts district that offers craft beers and food.

“Everything was fine as we ordered food,” Alexis says, noting she had her 4-year-old nephew with her. But when she and her partner went to the restroom, they were shocked to find a trans-identified male in the women’s facilities.

“We went to the restroom … and the trans was in there just looking at us. Mind you, there was another family up the stairs with 3 little children so we weren’t the only ones there [with kids],” Alexis described the transgender individual as an obvious male who was wearing a skirt.


The Left was also very gung-ho about 'micro-aggressions' and 'safe spaces' for a long time. But apparently lesbians don't enjoy the benefits of safe spaces.

Realize where we are.

A business will (allegedly) hire someone to stalk you if you stand up for your right to single-sex bathrooms.

Peak progressive.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Yes. They absolutely hate women and use the trans identity to gain access to women who wouldn't tolerate them otherwise.


Fight fire with fire.

They committed an unforgivable sin in the cult of progressivism: calling a man a man.

Apparently it's very hard for the Left to understand.

This should be illegal.


No woman should patronize that brewery.

In this awful Bidenomics economy, you'd think a business wouldn't want to turn away customers. Guess not.

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