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JK Rowling Responds to Party Leader Following Her Criticism of Labour As Being 'Dismissive' of Women

Fuzzy Chimp

The other day, J.K. Rowling penned an article about her issues with the Labour party, specifically its treatment of women like her -- women critical of radical transgender activism that harms actual women.


She writes:

For left-leaning women like us, this isn’t, and never has been, about trans people enjoying the rights of every other citizen, and being free to present and identify however they wish.

This is about the right of women and girls to assert their boundaries. It’s about freedom of speech and observable truth. It’s about waiting, with dwindling hope, for the Left to wake up to the fact that its lazy embrace of a quasi-religious ideology is having calamitous consequences.

Two hours before I watched Starmer fail, yet again, to get off the fence he’s so reluctant to stop straddling, I met the woman who wrote what I think all contributors would agree is the most important chapter in The Women Who Wouldn’t Wheesht. It’s called A Hashtag is Born. The writer coined the phrase “women won’t wheesht”, which has now been taken up as a feminist battle cry in Scotland and beyond.

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer didn't take kindly to Rowling's legitimate criticisms, saying he's 'proud of' Labour's record on women's rights.

More from The Guardian:

Keir Starmer has said he is proud of Labour’s history on women’s rights after JK Rowling said she would struggle to support the party because of its stance on transgender rights.

Starmer told reporters on Saturday that he was “very proud of the progress” of past Labour governments, which made a “material difference” to women’s lives.

Writing in the Times on Saturday, Rowling, a former Labour member and donor, said she would struggle to vote for the party “as long as Labour remains dismissive and often offensive towards women fighting to retain the rights”.

She said she had a “poor opinion” of Starmer’s character and claimed he was “dismissive and often offensive” of women’s concerns about sex-based rights.


Anyone who has followed or paid any attention to women's rights knows Rowling is correct.

Rowling wasted no time in taking Starmer apart:


Because it was brutally funny.

No lies detected.

We agree. They've made it very obvious.

Also true.

An excellent question that no politician can answer.

We're fans, too.


There's a lesson here for American women and the Democratic Party, too.

Will they learn it?

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