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It's Not About 'Zionism': Jewish Family Attacked at NY Elementary School Graduation


Just a few short years ago, the Left was telling us we had a moral obligation to 'punch a Nazi'. What they meant, of course, was not actual Nazis -- the people spouting blatant antisemitic rhetoric and calling for the annihilation of Jews and Israel. By 'Nazis' the Left meant anyone on the politcal Right, with whom they disagreed.


And after October 7, and the rise of antisemitism across the globe -- a majority of it led and condoned by the Left -- it's no wonder why 'punch a Nazi' was swept under the rug.

More from The New York Post:

A Jewish mom and her husband were attacked and beaten at a Brooklyn elementary school graduation by an Arabic-speaking family — who taunted them with shouts of “Free Palestine!” “Gaza is Ours!” and “Death to Israel!” she told The Post.

The mayhem erupted at PS 682 in Gravesend just after the school’s fifth-grade graduation — which was themed, ironically, “All you need is love.”

Instead, the Jewish woman’s husband was thrown to the ground by members of the other family. One man put him in a chokehold, he said. Others grabbed his legs as they kicked and punched him. One woman repeatedly whacked him with the sharp heel of a black stiletto, the mom told police.


This should never happen. Least of all in a major American city.

He nailed it.

That it does.

Yep. And next election cycle, they'll have a different goal, too.

Yes they are.

Yes it is.

Excellent question.

Exactly all of this.


Also a question that deserves an answer.

Amazing. if this doesn't fit the definition of a hate crime, we don't know what does.


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