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'Free Speech Rules': Elon Musk Reminds Us Why It's Important to Elevate Citizen Journalism

Patrick Pleul/Pool via AP, File

Elon Musk has been a vocal supporter of citizen journalism, doing his best to turn X into a platform where the average person's voice can have the same weight as the journalist class.



He's right.

Especially the part about the journalist class not liking it.

They have pretty much every major media outlet and can't stand the thought they no longer have a stranglehold on X, and that the average person can now hold them accountable for their misinformation and blatant lies.

The strange thing is they haven't learned a thing from this or changed their behavior.

They are the propaganda arm of the DNC, and nothing more.

He's correct.


Rare is the journalist who isn't a rabid partisan ideologue.

No, they don't.

Mainstream journalists have little integrity these days and as for factual reporting -- hahahahahahaha. They lie with alacrity.

Free speech does rule.

They really do despise this.


What tools don't we have on X to determine the truth? We have access to the same tools and data 'real' journalists have.

And, often times, citizen journalists do a much better job of reporting on facts than the journalist class.

A lot of truth.

Legacy media -- like politicians -- live in very exclusive little enclaves. They have no idea what America is like in so-called 'flyover country', and their entire worldview is skewed by this. Which is why they are so out of touch and hold us in such disdain.


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