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Shocker: Robert Reich, Adam Kinzinger, and Others Lie About Thomas’ Dissent in U.S. V. Rahimi


The Left's persistent attacks on the Supreme Court, and specifically Justice Clarence Thomas, are the actual threat to democracy and undermine the rule of law. The agenda is clear: they're LIVID the court has a conservative majority (thank you, President Trump!) and is no longer under their control.


So they'll destroy the Constitution and the rule of law to get their way. And part of that plan is to lie and smear the Justices. They seem to have a special hatred for Justice Clarence Thomas (just a bit racist, no?)

So after the ruling in U.S. v. Rahimi (read more about it here, and read about Shannon Watts' hot take here), it's no surprise Leftist goons are out lying about Thomas' dissent on X.

We'll start with the petulant little gnome Robert Reich.

That's not actually what he said at all.


That's different.

Because reasons.

Of course it's not.

The midget is a liar.

Of course he is.


We're stunned, we tell you.

No one is surprised.

Where conservatives are involved, the presumption of innocence is tossed out the window.

The Left doesn't believe in rights, at least not Constitutional ones.

Next up is Adam Kinzinger, who has no problem sending lots of money to Ukraine, but has a problem with not stripping accused Americans of their Constitutional rights.




As we said -- the Left hates your rights, and an accusation is enough to have you lose them.

But 'rule of law' or something.

Mic. Drop.


Embrace the healing power of 'and', dear friend.

He's lying and he hates Thomas.

No, actually he doesn't.

No, they should not be.

Speaks volumes about the Left that they are arguing the opposite.



And trying to undermine the Supreme Court.

Remember when the Left blamed accounts like Libs of TikTok for bomb threats? Accused her of 'stochastic terrorism' for simply reposting videos of Lefties saying insane things?

How is blatantly lying about Justice Thomas' ruling not also 'stochastic terrorism' and an actual threat to democracy and the co-equal branches of government?

Oh, because it's (D)ifferent when the Left does it.


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