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Just Fly the Plane: Pilot Union Wants to Eliminate Masculine Words Like 'Cockpit' in the Name of 'Equity'

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

When we fly -- whether for work or vacation -- all we really care about is if our flight crew can get is from Point A to Point B safely. That they know how to take off, how to land, and how to troubleshoot if something goes wrong at 35,000 feet.


We could not possibly care less about the race, gender, or sexual orientation of the pilots or flight attendants, the ground crew or the air traffic controllers.

All we ask for is competency and safety.

That -- apparently -- is too much.

More from The New York Post:

The world’s largest airline pilot union suggested airmen and women stop using terms purportedly offensive to women and LGBTQ individuals, calling out terms like “cockpit” as non-inclusive. 

Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, represents over 70,000 pilots worldwide and states that it collaborates with a United Nations agency on its policies.

According to a diversity, equity and inclusion language guide released in 2021, the ALPA lists numerous terms and phrases to avoid — especially “masculine generalizations” — that it deemed to be non-inclusive.

We rolled our eyes so hard we saw the back of our skulls.

This. It's that simple.

But if the plane falls apart due to DEI policies, at least you died in a state of progressive grace.

Or something.


Dark, but funny.


Aren't the trans activists always going on about their 'girl penis'?

Yes. To the Left, wokeness is more important than your safety.


Nailed it.

They don't care. They will sacrifice you on the altar of DEI and not lose a wink of sleep over it.

Well played.

This is the only possible way to explain the insane timeline we live in.


The multiverse is real.

They might.

They've already rebranded 'turbulence' as 'rough air.'


But politics has to infiltrate everything.

Aaaand we're dead. This is so perfect, we'll leave it right there.

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