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WOMP WOMP: Columbia Student Whines She's Suspended for Fall Semester for Involvement in Gaza Encampment

To quote Dave Chappelle: 'You hate to see it, but more than that, you love to see it.'

Meet Columbia student Maryam, who has entered the 'find out' phase of FAFO. See, she was part of the Gaza encampment on campus, and she thought she would get away with it without consequences.


Guess not.

Her thread continues:

It's adorable she thinks the rules don't apply to her because she's committed to Palestinian liberation.

Nice try.



There are rules, and they apply to you, too.

Read the entire thread. She's free to leave Columbia and not pay them tens of thousands in tuition, but she won't do that.

She also shut down replies, because she's so committed to her activism she can't stand criticism.

All you can do is laugh.

That's really *chef's kiss*.

We're guessing it's the intifada thing.

The Left always thinks they're above consequences.

Suspension is the least Columbia could do.


Let her waste even more money.

She's getting what she deserves.

FO'd good and hard.

Exactly. All of this.

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