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It's Called Fashion, Look It Up: John Fetterman Sports INTERESTING Outfit in the Halls of Congress

AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib

This writer confesses she's got a soft spot for Pennsylvania senator John Fetterman. He's been reasonable on a lot of issues -- a vocal supporter of Israel and outspoken critic of the pro-Hamas crowd -- and, well, let's be honest, his fashion sense is entertaining as hell.


Take today's look, for example:

That's a look. For sure.

Nope. Not even Usher.

It does look a little toasty. Especially in DC in June.

He sure did.

But 100% more amusing.



The 'professionally dressed' in Congress are often insincere tyrants.

Give us the hoodie.


Pretty much.

We'll allow it.

+1000 for the Dogma reference.

Heh. A fair point.

That's a thing?

Yes, that's a thing.

Welcome to the party, pal.


Post pics, please.

So do we.

There's the letter and the spirit of the rule, and Fetterman has found both.


We think it's funny, too.

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