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Trump Was Just the Beginning: Wisconsin AG Files FELONY Charges Against Trump Attorneys and Aides

AP Photo/Andy Manis

The Alvin Bragg case against Trump was never just about Trump. It's about anyone associated with him, and the Wisconsin AG -- Josh Kaul -- just proved that. He filed felony charges against two former Trump attorneys and aides over the 2020 election.


More from the AP:

Felony forgery charges were filed in Wisconsin on Tuesday against two attorneys and an aide who helped submit paperwork falsely saying that former President Donald Trump had won the battleground state in 2020.

The state charges are the first to come in Wisconsin and follow separate charges brought in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Georgia related to the fake electors scheme.

The Wisconsin charges were brought against Trump’s attorney in the state, Jim Troupis, 62, attorney Kenneth Chesebro, 62, who was advising the campaign and Mike Roman, 51, who was Trump’s director of Election Day operations. Roman allegedly delivered Wisconsin’s fake elector paperwork to a Pennsylvania congressman’s staffer in order to get them to then-Vice President Mike Pence on Jan. 6, 2021.

And it's not going to stop.

Very scary.



Expect even more.

Suuuure they aren't.

This isn't democracy (even though we're not one).

If they can find a way, they'll try.

They're all in favor of this.

Absolutely awful.

Never the good guys.

Odd timing, for sure.


Doesn't seem likely.

Never the hill to die on, apparently.

Jesse always gets to the point.

Just how it happens.


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