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'Sick and Misogynistic': Megyn Kelly ROASTS Ru Paul's Drag Race Over Mastectomy Costume

Meme screenshot

It's very clear the radical trans activists -- and their enablers in government -- really, really hate women. We are 'egg producers' and 'birthing people' who must allow biological men into our bathrooms, locker rooms, sport teams, and sororities. We must give up our athletic and academic opportunities to them.


If we don't, we're 'TERFs' and they justify violence against us.

Increasingly, women are getting fed up and making it very clear this misogyny will not be tolerated.

Megyn Kelly is one of those, and she's calling out Ru Paul's Drag Race over this disturbing costume (video is NSFW):

Just wow.

The mutilation of women's bodies as a costume.

When we say it ends.

And that's long overdue.

We certainly shouldn't vote for the guy who gutted our Title IX protections.

It's amazing how so many feminists -- who would normally scream about rape culture, toxic masculinity, and the patriarchy -- are totally silent about this.

It really is awful.


One that will leave women sterile, mutilated, and traumatized.

And they're okay with this. They think they're the good guys.

They didn't even give breast cancer survivors a second thought.

Like we said, breast cancer survivors don't matter.

Not a bad idea.

It's not. It's anti-woman political propaganda masquerading as 'fashion'.

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