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Not Today, Satan: Hate Crime Charges Dropped for Iowa Vet Who Beheaded Satan Statue

Back at the end of January, we told you about Michael Cassidy, the Iowa vet who knocked down and beheaded a statue of Satan that was erected in the Iowa Capitol.


Cassidy was arrested, charged with misdemeanor fourth-degree criminal mischief, but the was later charged with felony third-degree criminal mischief for acting 'in violation of individual rights.'

The outrage was palpable, and justified, especially after years of the Left defacing and tearing down statues they didn't like.

Thankfully, the charges against Cassidy have been dropped and he faces no jail time.

More from The Post Millennial:

Iowa prosecutors dropped hate crime charges against Michael Cassidy on Friday in exchange for a guilty plea to a less severe misdemeanor charge, The Sentinel reports.

Cassidy is the Christian US military veteran who beheaded a statue of Satan inside the Iowa Capitol last year.

Polk County Democratic Attorney Kimberly Graham enhanced Cassidy's charges to include hate crimes, thereby increasing the potential sentence to five years in prison had he been convicted. On Friday, he entered a guilty plea for third-degree criminal mischief. In return, he avoided prison time in exchange for the payment of a fine and the dismissal of the hate crime enhancements.


He shouldn't have been charged with anything, given how prosecutors pick and choose who does and doesn't get charged for crimes.

But we digress.

Yes, it is.



Tolerance is not always a good thing.

We'll take the wins where we can get them; Cassidy faced five years if convicted of the felony.


Not us, that's for sure.

He had to plead to a misdemeanor and pay a fine, but it could've been so much worse.

And here is Cassidy himself:

The entire post reads:

Not today, Satan. Pleased to announce the Iowa DA just dropped their absurd felony hate crime charge and instead offered a deferred judgement misdemeanor (a fine, no jail time, nothing permanent on my record), which I accepted. Many thanks to my family, my lawyers, my community, and the many Christians who have supported us morally and financially over the past several months. When Christians stick together, we can, and we will, win.

I’ll have more to say in the weeks ahead, in the meantime please use this Memorial Day Weekend to remember and honor those who gave their lives in service of our nation. Thank you.


We're glad it worked out.

It took guts in this political climate, for sure.

As we said -- given the crimes the Left commits, the charges were bogus to begin with.

This made us chuckle.

We do not live in a sane country, alas.

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