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DNC Marks George Floyd Memorial Day, Pushes for MORE Police Reforms ('Cause the Last Ones Worked SO WELL)


The talking points must've gone out, because in the last hour or so, several prominent Democrat and media X accounts have all posted the similar things about George Floyd, who died four years ago.


This is nothing more than shameless race baiting and the glorification of a convicted criminal whose death sparked a summer of violent riots.

But our president, the former Speaker of the House, and others choose to remember George Floyd on the anniversary of his death by calling for more police reforms that make our communities less safe.

'Changed the world'? 

Burning Minneapolis, Kenosha, and other cities to the ground 'changed the world'?

That's all this is.


A lot of fentanyl.


That's the toxicology report.

Those racist drugs.

Absolutely terrible heroes.

Yes, we are, apparently.

Really turning down the temperature, restoring norms, healing the soul of the nation.

Remember when stochastic terrorism was a thing? We do.

Why is this not stochastic terrorism?

Because it's (D)ifferent when they do it.


'Honor his memory' and make cities less safe, and more at the mercy of violent criminals like Floyd.

Crime rates aren't high enough for them, apparently.


They have their priorities.

And the safety law-abiding American citizens isn't one of them.

Sure feels that way.

He was also a criminal with enough illegal drugs in his system to drop a horse. But they make him out to be a hero.


And they don't care.

But women -- vote for them! They'll protect you from big, mean Trump.

Or something.

And, as always, the media are right there to parrot the DNC talking points and be the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.

You don't despise them nearly as much as they clearly despise you.

Another summer of riots. Peachy.

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