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We'd Like to Buy an Egads: Wheel of Fortune Contestant's Wrong Answer Is Hilariously Cringe

AP Photo/John Locher

If you're like us, the thought of being on a game show -- fifteen minutes of fame, the chance to win lots of money and some awesome prizes -- is tempting. It may even be a bucket list item (this writer desperately wants to be on 'Jeopardy!' some day).


But playing the game at home, from the comfort of our livingrooms, is completely different than playing the game in the studio: the lights, the cameras, the audience, the pressure.

So contestants make mistakes. They answer questions wrong. They freeze up. They forget 'A' is a vowel.

But it's been a while since a contestant said something this off-base, this funny, and this cringe.



He just goes for it. With all the confidence in the world.

Can't decide what's funnier, the way he said it, the contestant on the right who says 'What?!', or Sajak's 'no.' He sounds so disappointed.

Yeah, it kind of is.

Yes it is.

Yes, it is.


Butt. We all heard it.

Yes it is.

Hahahahahaha. Yep.

He is retiring, so maybe he can take up another career.

But all of this is correct. The 'no' speaks volumes.

Or you lean into it. Hard.

It's not scripted.


OMG. We didn't see this until now.

It's freaking hysterical.

We are laughing.

'Jeopardy!' is too high class for this.

And he succeeded.

She's clearly saying, 'I didn't know the answer, but even I know that's not right!'

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