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Princeton Professor Gets SMACKED DOWN by Facts After Claiming Homeschooling Is 'Educational Neglect'


Every once in a while, the Left gets a bug up their collective butt about homeschooling. Since increasing in popularity following COVID lockdowns and virtual learning, they're very concerned some children aren't in their grips, learning about 52 genders and critical race theory.


So when Princeton Sociology professor Jen Jennings opined about the 'educational neglect' that absolutely has to be happening in homeschooling, she got bit by reality. Hard.

When you look at the state of public education, hand-wringing about homeschool kids and 'educational neglect' is hilarious.

And that's just one example.

No, they're not her kids. Hands off, indeed.

All that oversight and regulation in public schools, and a lot of kids can't read, write, or do math.

Glass houses. Stones.

That's okay, because government means well.


Or something.

Yes, it is.

Yeah, they should definitely sit this one out.

Notice how they don't.

They've been aiming for homeschooling for a while.

Nailed it.

They'll just double down. Fixing it requires work they're not willing to do.


The only options.

Choose wisely.

No, she's not.

Somehow, that'll be different.

Yes, please.

And that's what this boils down to. They're very mad one in 17 kids won't be exposed to a radical LGBTQ+ agenda, or critical race theory, or whatever other nonsense they come up with.

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