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CONSEQUENCES: Despite Faculty Whining, Harvard Withholds Degrees from Thirteen Seniors Over Gaza Protests


Looks like Harvard has found a little bit of a spine, and is withholding the degrees of thirteen students who participated in pro-Hamas protests on campus.


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In an unexpected move that has heightened tensions within Harvard University, the institution’s highest governing body, the Harvard Corporation, announced on Wednesday that 13 students who participated in a pro-Palestinian encampment in Harvard Yard would not receive their degrees, despite a recent faculty vote to allow them to graduate.

The decision came as the university prepared for its annual Commencement ceremonies, a time traditionally marked by celebration and unity. However, this year, the celebratory atmosphere has been overshadowed by a fierce debate over the punishment of the students involved in the protest, which lasted 20 days and aimed to call attention to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

On Monday, 115 members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) voted to grant degrees to the 13 students, overriding a prior disciplinary action that had suspended or placed them on probation. This faculty vote, however, was ultimately nullified by the Harvard Corporation, which cited university policies that mandate students must be in “good standing” to graduate.

“Today, we have voted to confer 1,539 degrees to Harvard College students in good standing,” the Corporation stated. “Because the students included as the result of Monday’s amendment are not in good standing, we cannot responsibly vote to award them degrees at this time.”


First, it's hilarious the faculty think they can override Harvard's policies. Those policies are clear: students must be in good standing to graduate. These thirteen students are not. End of story.

The faculty has no say in Harvard policy.


Actions have consequences. And rules are rules.


Because they've grown up in a world where they were shown their actions had no consequences, so they thought they could get away with anything they pleased.

Excellent question. Notice how the original post ignores that.

A student who didn't pay tuition or violated policy in some other way would have his degree held, too. That's how this works. These students are not 'in good standing' with the university, and are being punished for it appropriately.


We laughed out loud at this.

Womp womp.

We all did.

They are in the FO part, and not liking it at all.

We're surprised they held firm.

It's the least Harvard could do, given the past seven months.


And we take the wins where we can get them.

The Left loves to say that, and to say speech is violence.

So you can't have it both ways.

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