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Sociology Professor Gets Ratioed Into OBLIVION for Telling People to 'Deal With' Higher Food Prices


Oh, honey, no.

Don't even go there.

The other day, we told you how Annie Lowery of The Atlantic was gutsy and out-of-touch enough to ask how Biden is losing the election with an economy like this.


Well, it's because the economy sucks. No matter how much the media gaslight us, no matter how many posts the POTUS account puts out, or how many lies KJP spouts in pressers -- Americans know. We buy the food, and the gas, and pay the other bills.

We see how bad inflation is, and how bad the economy is.

Our reality trumps their spin. Every time.

People pointed this out:

And then along comes this guy. A sociology professor who thinks he knows better than us how the economy is doing.

With a healthy dose of smug on top.

'Deal with it.'

No, we won't.

Where is this improved food quality? Cause we're not seeing it.


Like that matters one iota to families choosing to pay food or rent this month.

A very dumb take.

Waiting on an answer to this question, but don't hold your breath.

His opinion doesn't matter. At all.

Yes, please.

And ratioed for it.

He's got more confidence than intelligence, for sure.

Love the meme.

Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.


Yes, please run with this.

Biden is down to a single-digit lead in New York.

Let's make that even smaller.

A useless tool.

And an underwater basket weaver is more qualified to talk about food.

It's hilarious.

Less valuable, really.

We're glad to help drag this troglodyte, because he deserves it.

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