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Virtue signaling is what moral cowards do: they guilt others for doing things by flaunting their moral superiority over everyone. It says 'Look how good I am; why are you such a bad person?'


It's always awful, but this may be the worst virtue signal we've ever seen, and that's saying something, given the nature of Twitter/X.

Wowza, buddy.

That's a heck of a take.

Note he still admits to eating 'semi-bougie' meals, just that he feels bad about it. But those Israelis attending a concert, well, they're terrible.


His bio says he's a history grad student, so you'd think he'd know that Marxism and Catholicism are diametrically opposed to one another, and what commies do to religion.

Guess not.

Also, this sort of virtue signaling is not 'Catholic guilt' -- it's woke garbage.

No, he doesn't.


Very (not) Catholic.

Something about justice and resistance.

They'll justify anything if they'll justify the atrocities of October 7.

Let's not forget he says Gaza is a 'concentration camp' -- it's not, and never has been.

Very broken.

So much alike.

At some point, he locked replies, because he was getting dragged.

Incredibly sick and pathetic.


Rabid antisemitism.

A major scumbag.

It's a lie.

To justify murder and terrorism.

Yes, he does.

Insanely ignorant.

Marxism rots the brain.

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