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UH OH: Most Recent Apple iPhone Update Restores Deleted Pics, Leading to MAJOR Privacy Policy Questions

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

This is not good. Not good at all. If you're an Apple product user, you need to be aware the most recent iOS update has a major issue: it seems, for some users at least, to restore old, deleted pics.



Pictures deleted years ago.

Double yikes.

This makes it even worse.

More from The Verge:

Apple appears to have a bug that’s dredging up data that iPhone owners thought was gone. Some iPhone owners are reporting that, after updating their phones to iOS 17.5, their deleted photos — some quite old — are popping up again, according to a Reddit thread that MacRumors spotted. iOS beta testers had the same complaints about the bug last week.

People reporting the apparent bug say that they’re seeing old photos appear in their Recents album after Monday’s update. iOS does give users the option to restore deleted photos, but after 30 days, they’re supposed to be permanently removed.

The person who started the thread claimed that NSFW photos they had deleted “years ago” were back on their phone. Another Reddit user said that they saw photos from 2016 show up as new images but that they didn’t think they’d ever deleted them. And a person claimed in a later post that “around 300” of their old pictures, some of which were “revealing,” appeared on an iPad they’d wiped per Apple’s guidelines and sold to a friend.


Well, that's not good.

Caveat emptor.

Buyer beware.

Well, here's a possible explanation:

Well, this could be something that's fixed. Apple needs to get on this.

Wow is putting it mildly.

People delete pics for a reason, and usually it's because they never want to see them again.

We're on the iPhone 15 now, FYI.


The perfect meme.

We have a feeling this might cause problems for Apple in the very near future.

So wrong.

Yes, it did.

Might be helpful.


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