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We Warned You: Totally-Not-A-Dictator Biden Admin Plans to Use 'Climate Crisis' to Get COVID-Like Powers

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

We warned you. Back during COVID, when 'public health emergencies' were used to justify lockdowns, mandatory masking, and other measures to keep us 'safe' some of us -- like this writer -- said the government would use these same powers to declare other things 'public health emergencies' and wield tremendous power.


We were right:

First, a couple of caveats and questions:

1) Why would the White House leak this to Fox News Business?

2) They're not going to do anything before the election.

3) So much for all their blabbering about 'democracy', huh?

Of course, the answer to the first question can be seen in other things this administration has done. Take, for example, gas stoves. When the reports came out the administration was going to ban them the media said 'No, that's just a right-wing conspiracy!' only to evolve into 'Yes, it's happening, deal with it!' 

And the fact Biden's POTUS account tweeted this yesterday gives the report some weight.

If we're 'condemning' Americans to a 'dangerous future', he can justify tyranny to stop us.




Absolute lunacy.


We are not citizens, we're subjects.

China and India have zero interest in complying.

We warned you. They won't stop here.

Very neat.

No flying, no driving your car, limiting how much meat you can eat, turning off your power.

The possibilities are endless.



And then 'gun emergencies' and 'racism emergencies'. On and on in perpetuity.

But tell us more about how Trump is the dictator.

Very on brand.

Only if we let him.

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