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What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong? Ohio-Based Company Introduces Flamethrower Robot Dog

Sarah D.

In a move that all-too-disturbingly echoes the ED-209's B-story from 'Robocop,' an Ohio-based company unironically named Throwflame announced the release of the Thermonator, a robot dog with an attached flamethrower.


No, we're not making this up.

And they say this isn’t a weapon.

Suuuuure it isn’t  

We're sure this won't cause problems. None at all.

Sarah Connor in canine form.


At $9,400 each, why not buy two?

So, so many things.

The responses are pretty split between 'WTF?!' and 'Tell me more!'


So do we. Gotta come down on the side of having concerns about the arson robots.

Probably wise.

We love the Second Amendment, but even we're not sure it covers flamethrower robot dogs.

He said it. Not us.

And have they not seen the 'Terminator' movies?

We mean, it's worth a listen.


Not gonna lie, a millionaire with an army of thermonators would be pretty cool.

Or 'Sparky.'

It'll be a deterrent for sure.

Sounds like fun.

Inquiring minds want to know.

The HOA meetings are gonna be lit.

No pun intended.

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