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WATCH: Dollar General Employee Could Not Care Less As Customer Harrasses Him for 'Misgendering'


The videos of trans activists getting in people's faces for 'misgendering' and 'transphobia' are really getting tiresome. We get it -- you think the world has to bend to your preferred pronouns. But we're not psychic; we don't know what your pronouns are unless you tattoo them on your forehead.


Maybe we shouldn't give them ideas. But we digress.

And employee at Dollar General is not having it. Good for him.

We can't imagine getting in someone's face over pronouns.

This writer worked with someone who called her the wrong name for four years. Deal with it.

No, and more people need to follow his lead.

Nailed it.



No, it's not.

As they should.


Yeah, that's really embarrassing.

Hourly Workers don't have time for this bulls**t, for sure.

The man, for sure.

'Transphobia' is not a thing.

Yeah, still funny.


Yep. It unites us.


And we need more.


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