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'Neverland Ranch With Craft Services': Watch Bill Maher Take on the Left's Sexualization of Kids

Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

Bill Maher has always been open about the fact he doesn't have children and never wanted to be a father. But he's one of the most sensible, logical, and consistent defenders of kids. Someone who thinks, as he says in the clip below, that 'it's every adult's job to protect them.'



Lots of truth in that eight minutes of video.

Everyone should, yet many on the Left will be mad at him. As they always are when he doesn't toe the leftists line.


Oh, we're sure they will come after him.

Maher was right to call it 'entrapment.'

As Maher said, they are so partisan that they'll demonize anyone who doesn't support their agenda.

All the attention. Especially after Biden's insane changes to Title IX.


And yet it is.

It is. Maher is 100% correct on this.

Yes it will.

You could've heard a pin drop.

But Maher was right to say it. Because DeSantis was right.

Nailed it, really.

Really powerful.

It should be a bipartisan issue. But it's clearly not.


A huge leap.

Because they didn't like Rufo's politics, something Maher pointed out.

But we're sure the criticism will come.

He'll stick by what he said anyway, thankfully.

It was always an unsustainable movement.

Which is why we're sharing it with you, dear reader.

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