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Yikes: NASA Confirms Space Station Debris Hit Florida Man's Home


Imagine sitting at home, watching TV or eating dinner, and something falls through your roof, damaging your house and nearly hitting your son. It has to seem surreal, but for one man in Florida, it was very much reality.


First, some background. Back in March offloaded junk from the Space Station re-entered the atmosphere, that they thought would burn up on re-entry.

The path was a little off, but for one man in Naples, it made all the difference in the world.

Poor Alejandro. We're so glad his son wasn't hurt.

Twitter/X had some fun with it.


And were helpful.


We did not know this.

We'll keep it in mind if space junk hits our house.

Very calm.


That was a month ago, and yesterday NASA confirmed it was some space junk that landed in Alejandro's Naples home.

More from Insider Paper:

An object that crashed from the sky into an American man’s home was a hunk of debris ejected from the International Space Station, NASA confirmed Monday.

The strange tale came to light last month when Alejandro Otero of Naples, Florida posted on X that a metallic item “tore through the roof and went (through) 2 floors” of his house, almost striking his son, on March 8.

It occurred at a time and location that closely matched official predictions for the atmospheric burn-up of a cargo pallet fragment carrying old batteries that was jettisoned from the orbital outpost in 2021, making it a likely match, according to space watchers.

NASA, which subsequently collected the object from Otero for analysis, confirmed in a new blog post that the predictions were true.

“Based on the examination, the agency determined the debris to be a stanchion from the NASA flight support equipment used to mount the batteries on the cargo pallet,” it said.

“The object is made of the metal alloy Inconel, weighs 1.6 pounds (0.7 kilograms), is 4 inches (10 centimeters) in height and 1.6 inches in diameter.”

The US space agency also pledged to investigate how the debris survived being fully destroyed in the atmosphere, adding it would update its engineering models accordingly.


Imagine being Alejandro's homeowners insurance company and getting that call.

Same vibes indeed.

Had to be scary.

Because Florida man doesn't get enough headlines.

The odds of this happening are astronomical, but new fear unlocked.

This guy tracked the Space Station when it passed over his house. Bet he's feeling pretty lucky today.

According to Scientific American, the space junk was jettisoned from the Space Station three years ago.



We won't do the math, but the odds of it hitting a home in Naples after three years in orbit have to be insane. 

Maybe Alejandro should buy a lottery ticket, too.

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