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WATCH: Biden State Department DEI Chief Wants to 'Dismantle Traditional Structure at Every Juncture'

Meme screenshot

What could possibly go wrong when the Biden administration appoints someone like Zakiya Carr Johnson has top DEI officer for the State Department?

We're sure this won't end badly, at all.



More from Fox News:

The Biden administration's new State Department diversity chief previously called America a "failed historic model" and demanded the destruction of tradition "at every juncture" on the altar of antiracism.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced last week the appointment of Zakiya Carr Johnson as their chief diversity and inclusion officer. Blinken touted Carr Johnson for bringing "expertise and a fresh perspective on how we build a workforce that reflects America." 

Carr Johnson previously served as then-President Barack Obama's senior adviser and director of the first Race, Ethnicity and Social Inclusion Unit at the State Department.

Another Obama holdover hellbent on destroying this country.

The job of the State Department is to promote and represent the United States. Calling it a 'failed historic model' and calling for its destruction seems antithetical to that purpose. 

Unless that is the purpose of the State Department now: destroying the country.


Yep. Woke and racist are two sides of the same coin.



Very scary.

Nice work if you can get it, right?

Yes, it is.

Unfortunately, true.



That's how it seems.

And when they say what they are, believe them.

What could possibly go wrong?

No, it cannot.

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