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You don't hate the media enough: NBC steps in it with story linking congressman to ancestors' slaves


The media has a vested interest in stirring the pot and igniting tension, especially racial tension. Case in point, this from NBC:


Excuse us?

What, exactly, is NBC saying here? Well (emphasis added):

On the day after Christmas two decades ago, Lacretia Johnson Flash left her Maryland home and drove 800 miles to the place where her ancestors were once enslaved.

It was 2001, and Lacretia was 30. She had just finished her master’s degree, but despite the achievement, she recalls feeling a “profound aloneness.” Her boyfriend had left her. Cancer claimed her mother, and her father was reeling from the loss.

But a note her mother left behind offered a way forward.

“Keep in touch with family,” it read. “You may want to go back to Tennessee?”

Her parents had moved north before Lacretia was born. She knew just a sliver of her family history: that her ancestors had risen from slavery in middle Tennessee to become some of the first Black landowners here in Perry County.

What she wouldn’t learn until a reporter contacted her this June, almost 22 years later, is that a direct descendant of the people who enslaved her ancestors is today a U.S. congressman: Rep. Brett Guthrie of Kentucky.

So a reporter decided, 22 years after the fact, to reach out to Johnson Flash and tell her that someone who is now a congressman is descended from the people who, a century ago, enslaved her ancestors.

However much you hate the media, it isn't enough.

While they are wholly incurious about Biden's connections to his son's international dealings, they can sure dig into the background of present-day politicians and link them to things their long-dead ancestors did:


As part of a series on slavery and America’s political elite, Reuters found that a fifth of U.S. congressmen, living presidents, Supreme Court justices and governors have direct ancestors who enslaved Black people. Among them is Guthrie, an eight-term Republican congressman. 

Just incredibel.

Way too kindly.

No, we really don't.

The Left is a secular religion that has no forgiveness, no mercy, and an ever-changing litany of sins you can commit or be held accountable for.

But, yet the Left somehow argues you not responsible for your own present-day actions (see: student loans, crime).


This may break their brains, so give them a minute.

Not one word of it mattered.

The Left is so progressive it's actually taking us backward.

Expect campaign ads about which candidates' ancestors may or may not have owned slaves. Because election season isn't unbearable enough.

NBC even admits it's difficult to link slaves and slaveholders, but that doesn't stop them:

Linking slaveholders to individuals they held is challenging. That’s because crucial historical records — antebellum “slave schedules” — seldom included more than the age, race and sex of enslaved people. But using a variety of sources, Reuters documented those connections for two of Brett Guthrie’s ancestors — one who enslaved Lacretia’s great-great-grandfather, the other her great-great-grandmother.

If only they would put as much effort into actual news.

Not hardly.


If they think it will give the Left political capital, yes. They'll climb all the way to the tip top of that family tree for dirt.


Oh, but they will. And today, it's Congressmen. Tomorrow? It's the average Joe just trying to get a job.

Yes. Exactly this.

As we're fond of pointing out, this is (D)ifferent. Somehow.


No, we are not. And we need to draw that line in the sand.


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