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Rachel Bitecofer tells Twitter women returning to being wives and moms is just like the Third Reich


Twitchy has written a lot about Rachel Bitecofer, the political analyst and strategist who has some pretty steaming hot takes. But this latest one? It's a doozy.


See if this makes any sense to you:

She was replying to this tweet, which is also a gem:

It's the same old, tired argument that any women who doesn't vote for Democrats is 'voting against [her] own interest.' Yawn. We've heard this before.

It's always news to gals like Rachel and Hannah that lots of women care about things other than abortion, especially in the age of Bidenomics, when everything is so expensive. But, as always, they reduce us to caring only about being able to kill our unborn children and relying on government to help us.

But you show those women who want to stay home and raise families Rachel. We're sure calling them Nazis will inspire them to vote for your preferred candidates.

Twitter/X was having none of her nonsense:


Utensils were a major facet of the Third Reich, Rachel

For some reason, we're going to guess Rachel won't make that connection.

Of course. They want us dependent on them. Their careers literally ride on it.

Insane doesn't begin to scratch the surface.

Uh oh.

Would not surprise us. At all.


Her bio does say her account is fighting fascism.

Nope. Which is why Rachel has to say stay-at-home moms and married women are literally Nazis.

This is a fun game, isn't it Rachel?

Wouldn't be a discussion about Nazis without this gem cropping up.

Rachel isn't capable of grasping context.

If it is, she's crushing it.

That's the rules you set, Rachel.


See how illogical and stupid the 'Nazis supported X, therefore X is bad' argument really is?

Again, nuance and context. We're going to guess Rachel isn't going to compare gun control advocates to Nazis, though.

They had not. But why let facts stand in the way of Rachel's brilliant take?


Good question. One this writer, not a wife but a mom, would like Rachel to answer.


More often than not, when a lefty account starts a tweet with 'did you know', whatever comes next is a) factually wrong, b) a straight up lie, c) breathtakingly stupid or d) all of the above.

Because families and children are important to a nation and the fabric of society. Some governments recognize this and govern accordingly. Rachel doesn't get this, or she does, and hates the idea of it.


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